Secret Women’s Business is an eclectic group of women, based in Western Australia who, through the medium of song, story & cheeky antics…. bring alive music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Gospel and more.

Our music and lyrics (including some you have not heard before) cover life’s ups and downs…… love, loss, infidelity, friendship, dieting, dreams, shopping, sex, strength, weakness, vulnerability, men, food, ageing….. though not necessarily in that order!

Our performances have been known to lift spirits, cause laughter and happiness and result in people leaving with a smile on their face! Our current 2021 show “What Real Women Need” has been enjoyed by women, and men alike. Even husbands, who apparently have been “dragged along” to the show (or so they tell us!) have been caught laughing, and are then seen leaving leaving the show….. still smiling!

Come along to one of our performances… they are for anyone who is happy or sad, for those with a sense of humour, for anyone who loves to smile and laugh, for those who maybe need a happiness elixir….. or just because you have 2 hours to kill and would like us to supply the chair!

We have 2021 Performances happening around Perth Metro and Country areas….. with our season running February 2021 through to September 2021.

You can find the current & upcoming concert dates advertised on our website and as tickets go on sale for each there will be a link to purchase online.